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How To Change Your Zoom Custom Background · Click the “^” arrow next to Stop Video. · To swap or turn off your Zoom background, Click “Choose Virtual Background”. How to Change the Virtual Background Image in Zoom on iOS and Android Devices · While in a meeting, go to “More.” · Then, select “Virtual. Sign in to the Zoom mobile app for Android or iOS · Join the meeting without enabling video · Click on the More icon and select Virtual Background.


How to Hide Your Background During Video Calls in Zoom.How to Add a Virtual Background to Your Zoom Meeting


Most of your meetings and social events are probably being held over video call right now. One of the most popular services, Zoom , lets you change your background so that people can’t see your messy house. You also might just want some privacy so that folks, perhaps your clients or co-workers, don’t see the inside of your home.

You can also use a custom picture as your Zoom background, in case you want to use a photo of your office see my CNBC newsroom background or a picture from one of your vacations. To do that:. You can also do this on another device, like an iPhone or iPad. You just need to make sure you have an iPhone 8 or newer, an iPad Pro or a 5th-generation iPad 9.

The experience is pretty similar to what you do on a computer but the setup steps are different. Correction: This story originally said virtual backgrounds are supported on Android. Read Maggie’s Full Bio. We will never spam you, unsubscribe at any time.

Table of Contents. Subscribe on YouTube! Did you enjoy this tip? If so, check out our very own YouTube channel where we cover Windows, Mac, software, and apps, and have a bunch of troubleshooting tips and how-to videos. Click the button below to subscribe! Do not share my Personal Information. Go to the Background and effects tab, select an image or video, or upload your own. You can only change your background while in a meeting. After joining one, tap the More button at the bottom right corner and select Virtual background.

The steps are the same on both the Android and iOS apps. Read more: 10 Zoom tips and tricks you should know. There are only a few Zoom virtual backgrounds in the app. Zoom has many more options available that you can download from its website. You can also upload your own pictures and videos on both desktop and mobile.


Here’s how to set up Zoom Android virtual backgrounds


Changing the background photo during your zoom video meeting is quite easy. Here are the steps on how to change the virtual background image when you are using zoom for windows, ios, and Android. Zoom is currently the leading video conferencing application available for Microsoft Windows, MAC, and smartphones. It offers a free and paid version.

The free version allows users to host or participate in a meeting for 40 minutes with up to participants. The good side though is the 1 on 1 meeting is unlimited. The pro or paid version allows a higher number of participants, longer meeting hours, and 1GB cloud recording. Zoom offers a lot of features.

One of which is changing your background when you are attending a meeting. Firstly, during your virtual meeting, you might want to hide the background of your room because it is unorganized.

Secondly, photos and images that you use say something about your personality. Furthermore, Your zoom background image can show if you love to travel especially if the image is a tourist destination that you have visited. If your background photo is when you are Skydiving, the person seeing it may think that you love the extreme sport.

Thirdly, is if you are a work-from-home person and at the same time taking care of your toddler. As we all know kids are very playful.

However, it can sometimes distract your colleague if they see people moving in your background. It can cause them to ship their attention to the playful person at your back instead of you. Last but not the least, having a background image during your zoom meeting can also set the ambiance of the meeting.

Imagine having photos of Ben 10 or Sponge Bob in the background during a job interview. I am not sure if the hiring manager will take you seriously if they see those photos. They might also think that the photos belong to your kids.

Or you are not serious with your job application. I hope you get my point here hahaha. Fortunately, changing the background image is quite easy with zoom. Moreover, the process is the same in windows, mac, and popular smartphone os. Assuming you already have a zoom app on your respective devices, then follow the steps here. You do not need a green screen to implement the virtual background.

Assuming you already have the Zoom app on your Microsoft Windows device, and logged in to your account. Here are the steps you need to follow. Luckily, zoom has 5 free presets for virtual background. You can choose video filters such as smiley, parrot, and tv screen. Zoom also allows users to use both the background and filter simultaneously. A green screen is not needed for these zoom presets as well. Alternatively, if you do not want any of the available presets, you can use your own videos and photos as your zoom background.

Afterward, add the image and video of your own. Read: How to Setup Twitter Background. Download it afterward. As of the moment, there are only four virtual backgrounds available. Basically, if you are using an android phone the process is almost similar to when you are using an iPhone.

You can download the app at the Google Playstore. Afterward, run the app and log in using your registered account. Tap the latter. I think if you are a student who is online-based. You should get the Zoom app on your electronic devices. If you are an online teacher, you should also install the app on your Laptop or desktop.

If you are a work-from-home employee, definitely, you need to have the zoom app on your devices. To be fair, you can also organize video calls with other social media applications. However, based on experience, it is not as seamless if compared to Zoom. In addition, you can also organize a virtual meeting with up to attendees and stay connected with them for 40 minutes, free of charge.

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