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How to Let People Share Their Screens in a Zoom Meeting.Zoom Screen Sharing and Annotation – CTE Resources

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When sharing your screen, what you are sharing will be highlighted in green.


– How to allow other users to share screen on zoom – how to allow other users to share screen on zoom:


If you want your participants to be able to share their screen, you can change the sharing settings in the meeting. If you only want to let one of your participants share their screen, for example, a panelist or guest speaker, you could make them a co-host. You can also change the screen sharing settings for your account so that participants can share their screen in all of your Zoom meetings.

Go to your account settings on zoom. Zoom allows you to add annotations when you are sharing your screen. Tools include a text tool to type text onto the screen, a hand-drawing tool, a stamp tool, and a spotlight tool for highlighting the location of your cursor.

Giving someone access to control your screen If you are sharing your screen, you can give another attendee access to control your screen. Host controls for screen sharing The host of the meeting can control what other users share within the meeting settings. They can: restrict sharing to the host only allow single or multiple attendees can share at any one time; or specify who can start sharing when another person is already sharing host only or all participants.

Select the computer audio in the advanced tab. There are several ways to share videos in a Zoom meeting and webinar. The most common is to share the screen where the video is playing or share the video player. When doing so, always tick the stereo option of the share sound feature and optimized video for a better video streaming experience.

A better option is to select share video in the advance tab. The video thumbnails are minimized so as to show the full screen without any distractions on the screen. The video quality is also superb. These 5 awesome tips can make a big difference in your next Zoom meeting and webinar. We have 2 bonus tips for you. This is a fun way of sharing the slide deck or PowerPoint.

It allows you to utilize a slideshow presentation as your virtual background. Your camera will be seen on top of the slides and you can adjust the size of the camera as well as move it anywhere on the screen depending on your preference.

Yes, you can now share your screen from the main room to the breakout rooms. This is a pretty new option in the share screen feature of Zoom. Take note only the screen or visual information can be shared.

The sound is not included. This is ideal when you facilitate a workshop and have instructions for the participants while they are in the breakout rooms.


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