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Top zoom competitors. Top 10 Zoom Alternatives (Features, Pricing, Ratings)

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So without further ado, let’s jump into a quick review of the best Zoom competitors and alternatives out there: 1. Skype Meet Now Skype, owned by Microsoft, is a hugely popular chat and video conferencing app and has been around for over 18 long years. Microsoft. GoTo. TeamViewer. BlueJeans by Verizon. meeting. Adobe. Considering alternatives to Zoom? See what Meeting Solutions Zoom users also considered in their purchasing decision. When evaluating different solutions, potential buyers compare competencies in categories such as evaluation and contracting, integration and deployment. Jun 03,  · The main competitors of Zoom Technologies include Exlites Holdings International (EXHI), Franklin Wireless (FKWL), Altigen Communications (ATGN), Minim (MINM), Pineapple Energy (PEGY), ClearOne (CLRO), Zoom Telephonics (ZMTP), Sonim Technologies (SONM), AAP (AAPJ), and Touchpoint Group (TGHI).

Top zoom competitors.Best Zoom alternatives of 2022


However, it also offers voice and video calls to its users, although not as specialized as video teleconferencing apps. On top of its basic features, Slack also integrates Zoom and various other alternatives on this list. It is primarily a free app. However, users can also get its paid plans to enjoy more advanced features.

Slack is more well-known among gamers. However, it includes all the basic features that most teleconferencing apps provide. Another app similar to Slack is Discord. Discord is a VoIP, instant messaging and digital distribution platform. Like Slack, it is well-known among gamers.

However, it also includes video teleconferencing features, including video calls and screen sharing. Discord is primarily a free app. Users can also pay to get Discord Nitro, which enables premium features. Discord does not compete in the same market as Zoom and some other names on this list. However, it does provide a decent, free and fast alternative to users.

Some Zoom users also switched to Discord due to the lower limits and better services. However, its existing user base does not use it for video teleconferencing. Cisco Systems is a well-known name in the technology industry. The company specializes in networking hardware, software, telecommunications equipment and other technology products and services.

It also owns various subsidiaries, one of which includes Webex. Cisco Webex is a company that primarily develops and maintains web conferencing and video conferencing applications.

Cisco Webex has a free version and a paid version as well. Apart from that, it has several other features that make it one of the top competitors in the teleconferencing market. Webex also gains significantly from the substantial expertise that its parent company Cisco brings.

LogMeIn is a software provider that provides its customers with various solutions. One of these includes its well-known web-hosted service GoToMeeting. Unlike some other competitors on this list, GoToMeeting is not a standalone application. However, it works on all major operating systems due to it being web-based.

GoToMeeting is a popular choice among users for its simplicity and ease of use. The software also comes with various other tools that make it easier for users to collaborate online. It has several plans, allowing users to get the best features that suit their budget.

Telegram for Android may be downloaded from the Telegram website directly. Telegram offers a number of client apps, some of which were created by Telegram Messenger LLP and others by the community. The majority of them are free and open-source, with the GNU General Public License version 2 or 3 governing their distribution. It will most likely receive new versions sooner than apps in the Play Store and App Store because it is automatically updated.

Cisco Webex mainly targets producing and marketing video-conferencing and web conferencing software applications. Designed and executed by multiple architects like Shaun Bryant and Zaid Ali Snr , Cisco aims to be a proprietary business communication platform. The Covid 19 pandemic boosted their meeting attendees to million equating to 25 billion meeting minutes. Listed on the Nasdaq national market , Cisco has developed its software over the years to meet the demands and outrank its competitors.

Its drawbacks are lack of accessibility and comparatively higher subscription fees. Cisco debuted Webex Classrooms, a new platform for virtual homeroom experiences, in September In October , Cisco acquired BabbleLabs.

Cisco released an upgrade for their Webex portfolio on October 26, , focused on improving virtual and hybrid in-person meetings and events with AI-powered technologies.

It is available on Google Play and App Store as well. It is rated 4. A free alternative to the Zoom app, Join. Capterra rates it 4. You can download it on Google Play which rates it 3. All in all, Zoom has got quite a few competitors, as noted in the article. Have any questions? Check out the FAQs below. You can opt for Skype as one of the oldest and most reliable alternatives to Zoom application for video and web conferencing or hosting meetings and interviews anytime and anywhere.

You can even make calls to local phone numbers. Microsoft Teams and Google Meet are the biggest and absolute top-rated Zoom competitors in the market. Google Meet stands in competition with Zoom offering video and audio conferencing and an equally intuitive platform for users to connect, collaborate, and interact personally and professionally. Microsoft Teams is fast-growing and highly popular as a freely available Zoom alternative.

Along with the free version, professionals and large institutions can opt for the premium plans to enjoy advanced features and access the privileges. Zoom is comparatively far easier to use. You’ll prefer Zoom if: You want to use webinars for your business You have a higher budget for your video conferencing software You want higher participant limits in paid plans.

You’ll prefer Google Meet if: You want to conduct hour-long meetings for free You already use Google Workspace or utilize Gmail for your business You do not have any use for webinars. Google Meet. Microsoft Teams. You’ll prefer Zoom if: You want to use a free plan You have a higher budget for your software You want between and participants.

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Those are the words of Alexander Bell, famously known as the father of the Telephone for his first U. Fast forward a hundred years and video calling is the go-to source of communication around the world. Amid the coronavirus crisis, millions of people were asked to work from home to curb the spread of the virus. As a result, businesses were forced to quickly changes business processes to enable remote employees. Thus they set out looking for the best video conferencing and collaboration tools to get work done.

One software platform was the clear winner in this race- Zoom. However, with so many people around the globe using the app, privacy concerns started creeping in.

Zoom has, since then, taken a lot of immediate steps, released new updates and security patches to better safeguard customer data. Skype, owned by Microsoft, is a hugely popular chat and video conferencing app and has been around for over 18 long years.

With Meet Now, you can host a meeting with your teammates without signing up for a service or downloading the software. Simply create a meeting room, share the link with participants, and join the call. To rival Zoom, Skype Meet Now allows you to invite up to 50 people to your call and enjoy unlimited free meetings on Skype. You can even record your calls for later reference and share screens with peers whenever necessary.

Skype also has a desktop client and a smartphone app, allowing you to use it however you like! Designed especially for business meetings and conferences, Meet takes the headaches out of joining a video call at work. Available only as a paid service to educators, Meet was made free to all users worldwide this past May, as a move to provide stiff competition to Zoom. Meet supports up to meeting participants with 16 participants visible at a time. Simply sign up from your browser and start using the service instantly.

Offering high-quality video and voice conferencing, Mikogo allows you to conduct online meetings with your clients or team members. If you are looking for a rather simple Zoom competitor and alternative to quickly jump into meeting with someone, Whereby might just be the tool for you.

The only limitation with Whereby is that only up to 4 people can join in the call for free! Whereby also supports chat, screen sharing, recording, and floating emojis for the quick feedback! Primarily focussed on personal development via webinars, Clickmeeting is another great Zoom alternative. If your company works with a lot of trainees or freelancers, Clickmeeting can help you connect with them easily and teach them about your business.

However, it saw substantial growth in its customers after ht e pandemic struct. The company reported it had gained 2. Currently, Zoom supports video teleconferencing in all prevalent operating systems. It has a free version for users that want to use its services for a short time. However, it also offers various paid packages. The paid packages remove several limits and provide several other features that the free version lacks. The company also employs over 4, employees as of When it comes to the video teleconferencing market, Zoom is among the top names in the industry.

However, the market is competitive with various competitors and alternatives existing. Zoom attracts competitors from some major names in the technology industry. In addition to that, the platform also faces competition from platforms that provide video call features. Although those companies do not focus on video teleconferencing features, they act as a decent alternative to Zoom.

The list of top ten Zoom competitors and alternatives is as below. Skype was once one of the most prominent names in the video and voice calls industry. However, the company lost relevance due to significant competition and lack of innovation.

Nonetheless, the company has begun its resurgence as a decent video calling alternative. On top of that, it has launched Skype Meet Now, a feature that allows video teleconferencing for free. Skype Meet Now allows users to host meetings with up to 50 participants. These meetings are free, and anyone can join them using the Skype app.

Due to being an established name and working under the Microsoft brand, the company poses a significant threat to Zoom. Although it does not offer more advanced features, it is still a decent alternative to Zoom. Google is one of the biggest names in the technology industry. The company specializes in providing a search engine to the world. However, it also participates in various other markets. Google has offered its users the ability to voice and video call online before. However, Google realized the market for video teleconferencing was growing substantially.

Therefore, it launched Google Meet, a faster version of its Hangout app. This app focuses on business meetings and conferences rather than personal users. However, it does not have a free version and users have to pay to use its features. Similar to Google, Microsoft is also a big name in the technology industry. The company, primarily known for its operating system Windows, is also active in several other markets.

Microsoft also realized the potential in the video teleconferencing industry and launched its own version. This version, known as Microsoft Teams, integrates within the Microsoft ecosystem. Microsoft Teams includes all the features that users expect from Zoom and other competitors. The app has a free trial period.

However, it is primarily a paid service. It also integrates with Office , giving businesses better integration. Through this app, Microsoft also indirectly competes with its Skype Meet Now feature. However, it does offer video conferencing, making it an alternative to Zoom. Slack primarily focuses on organized chat rooms and features similar to Internet Relay Chat. They have embraced people, the ongoing circumstances, and challenges.

The latter has made the public rely on some of the top meeting and conferencing apps and similar Zoom alternative apps for the video, audio, and meeting services offered in the simplest UI possible.

Google Meet is one of the best and most popular Zoom alternatives that are freely available for you. Previously, Google Hangouts evolved into Google Meet to meet advanced business needs. Google Meet is ideal for business meetings, video conferencing, and hosting and attending webinars.

Zoho Meeting is an excellent Zoom alternative suitable for small and mid-sized business organizations. It is a popular application for hosting online webinars and meetings and broadcasting demos.

One of the best features is joining or launching a meeting on Zoho without installing the application. Microsoft Teams is a fast-rising, up-trending Zoom alternative that is ideal for mid-sized and large enterprises.

It is yet another cloud-based video conferencing tool with similar features to Zoom. The four features it offers are- chat, meet, call, and collaborate. The latter includes inviting over email, screen-sharing, using a digital whiteboard, chat meetings, etc. At the time of writing this article, Microsoft Teams was rated 4. It has a free trial and a free version. It is mostly known for its audio and HD video calling quality. It now offers several other features that make it a Zoom competitor. You do not need to install the application on your browser.

It is flexible, inclusive, and secure. The Enterprise tier can handle up to , meeting attendees with unlimited cloud storage. A zoom alternative available on iOS devices, FaceTime is a popular videotelephony application that lets you make audio and video calls among peers using Apple products.


Top zoom competitors. Top 10 Zoom Alternatives and Competitors in 2022

Zoho Meetings has three pricing options:. You also get an option to pick between VoIP and toll-based voice options. However, many platforms will offer more advanced and unified features.

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